Robotic Process Automation

Unlock productivity, bring agility and unleash business growth through process automation

Embrace the Future of Work with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Every enterprise has processes which are repetitive, mechanistic and rule-based short tasks. Such tasks, though crucial to the organization, are executed manually and repeatedly by people. This translates as a tremendous investment in time and effort, with no-value addition to human work capabilities. Robotic Process Automation is a technology used to automate such business processes. Robots or bots can learn and mimic by emulating how humans interact with an application. They can then execute these highly manual, error-prone processes much faster, round the clock, with absolute precision and reliability.

“RPA is a rapidly expanding technology that has been hailed as a game-changer by COOs and CIOs. RPA super-charges the ability of simple processes to drive competitive advantage.”– BCG

For Enterprise Growth beyond Human Limits

Take a step towards augmenting your human resources with our RPA solutions 

Improved Productivity

Get more done with lesser staff -automate the repetitive, robotic processes with RPA. 

Enhanced speed and Higher Accuracy

Execute transactions quickly, with higher accuracy and consistent quality.

Increased Scalability

Developers can create packages and enable peers to use the packages and accelerate their own bot development.

Flexibility with Efficacy

Rapidly scale up to accommodate unexpected volumes, re-deploy bots to work on urgent processes.

Easy Compatibility

RPA can work over existing applications, including home built / homegrown applications.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Software bots work round the clock, leading to faster turnaround time and a better service experience for the customer. 

Increased Compliance

Rapidly scale up to accommodate unexpected volumes, re-deploy bots to work on urgent processes.

Elevated Employee Morale

RPA can work over existing applications, including home built / homegrown applications.

RPA + AI for Intelligent Automation

Software bots work round the clock, leading to faster turnaround time and a better service experience for the customer. 


RPA is about creating a more human and capable workforce with the aid of process automation. Discovery is a ‘people-centric’ phase where we establish your organization’s implementation preparedness. We also mutually decide critical goals for RPA like cost saving, increased compliance, business agility, and improved process accuracy.


We identify the scenarios where our RPA solutions can make the most difference and envision the probable challenges that can surface immediately during implementation.


From here we return to our labs to build the automation software keeping in mind that businesses are dynamic entities. The bots are capable of scaling, adaptive to business needs and responsive to rule modifications from continuous learning. 

Pilot and Deploy

The pilot begins by putting an automated process into your everyday operations. The software follows the implementation model and verifies the design and working. With the RPA solution custom-built and tested, it is deployed via cloud (SaaS based) or on premises. The bots are fully functional from the go and start automating instantly with no thick software client to install. We provide you with a full set of capabilities to run and monitor the automations. 


Our journey as your service partner begins with the deployment of RPA. We extend the necessary training and development support to your team, and introduce more tools in a timely manner to help you get the most from your bots. As your team develops expertise in replicating, developing and managing automation softwares, the business can look at deeping the role of automation by establishing best practices and further optimizing the automation workforce.

Our Approach

Carvewing’s next-generation RPA Managed and Support Services

With RPA manage and support services, we ensure that tools and automations are performing  peerlessly, with optimal speed and accuracy, and delivering a consistent work quality. Our cornerstone knowledge of RPA enables us to provide preemptive and proactive support, so your business operations stay uninterrupted. 

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RPA Managed Services

Our RPA manage and support services can be customized to meet your business requirements and be integrated harmoniously with any CMS, cloud or existing IT systems.

RPA Process and Systems Monitoring

  • Bot performance monitoring
  • Platform and infrastructure monitoring
  • Workflow and queues

Support and Maintenance

  • L1/L2 and L3 support model
  • Usability and troubleshooting
  • Bug fixes and minor platform updates

Remote Support

  • RPA process and bot monitoring
  • Support deployment of code
  • Administration

Proactive Support

  • RPA KPI monitoring
  • Preemptive resolution

Performance correction and enhancement

  • Governance and control
  • Bot and process monitoring
  • Process adjustment and improvement
  • User experience improvement

Reporting and Analytics 

  • Real time metrics and dashboards
  • RPA KPIs
  • Infrastructure monitoring
Our manage and support services ensure that your automation infrastructure has higher availability, enhanced security, maximized uptime, quicker incident resolution and reduced cost of bot maintenance.

RPA Support Services

We ensure that your mission critical automations run smoothly and deliver consistently 24×7.

Advisory Services

  • RPA assessment and rollout strategy
  • Identification of RPA tools
  • Process assessment and optimization for automation 
  • Architecture consultation
  • RPA proof of concept (PoC)

Implementation Services

  • Assess for RPA opportunities
  • Capture process steps, pilot, and implement
  • Manage the RPA Lifecycle
  • Intelligent automation – AI/ML solution
  • Measuring performance and monitoring

Center of Excellence (CoE)

  • Build the relevant RPA skills and capacity  
  • Articulating an effective governance model
  • Define the roles and responsibilities for all aspects of RPA
  • Select the right automation tools
  • RPA enablement and prepare for scale-up
  • Change management

Support and Maintenance

  • Software upgrades 
  • Bot execution and monitoring 
  • User and admin training 
  • Environment management 
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling  
  • Monitor logs and perform cleanup
  • Code troubleshooting and fixes

What Makes Carvewing the Right Partner for Your RPA Journey?

We are a trusted tech and intelligence partner with enterprises looking to drive business growth and customer satisfaction. With deep seated experience in delivering data engineering, connected systems, AI and machine learning and product engineering services, we create custom RPA solutions to match your business needs.

Our RPA solutions can work over existing applications, completely eliminating the need to make any changes to legacy systems or applications. Business processes can continue to function uninterrupted.

Our low code, web-based platform for bot development enables you to create your own bots with minimal external tech support. We coherently transfer the bot building capability over to your employees.

Merging AI and RPA, we can automate any business process end-to-end. Analytics and AI based process discovery make for a compelling case and expedites ROI.

We are technology geeks, who have successfully delivered a variety of complex technology solutions to our satisfied customers. 

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