Setting Up an Offshore Development Center in India How Carvewing Can Help You 01

Setting Up an Offshore Development Center in India: How Carvewing Can Help You?

Software development is a crucial aspect of any business. Also, software development is no easy task as it has to be developed as per the requirements and changes that a business experiences from time to time. Therefore, having a strong software development team that can fix and upgrade software whenever required is crucial.

There are two options for a business when it comes to developing software. One is doing it in-house, while the other is outsourcing the software development task to a third party. More often than not, offshore software development centers are a great choice due to the multiple benefits it offers in the process. However, it can be a tedious task to set up an offshore development center. So, here, we bring this guide to help you set up an offshore development center (ODC).

What is an offshore development center (ODC)?

To cater to the ever-growing need for software development and thanks to the advancement in technology, there has been the inception of offshore development centers in several global locations that have tech talent advantage. As the name suggests, an offshore development center (ODC) is primarily a remote premise located in a foreign country like India where experts utilize various resources to build and maintain multiple software applications.

An offshore software development center is beneficial as it can be operated and supervised remotely. Also, as these centers have expertise and experience, they tend to provide better software development services than getting software development done in-house. It is also convenient to hire ODC based on projects and short-term requirements.

How is an offshore development center different from outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a third party in the same country does the software development tasks. On the other hand, offshore software development is when the software development happens in a distant foreign country.

How can you set up an offshore development center?

Since offshore development centers are in foreign countries, it becomes vital to know the roadmap before proceeding with the work.

  • Decide the ODC country: Many countries offer ODC services, so choosing as per your requirements is essential. India is known to be an excellent hub for software development. Many top ODC service providers in India, like Carvewing, have been helping companies across the world to set up and manage world-class offshore software development centers in India.
  • Research the potential market for ODC: Once you decide on the country, it is time to study the market for different providers. Then, you can size them up based on their pricing and services.
  • Decide on the ODC partner: Upon researching, you must decide which ODC partner you must choose. It is also essential to look at the company’s track record before finalizing it. For example, if you are looking for an offshore development center in India, Carvewing is one of the leading ODC service providers in India.
  • Understand the deliverables: Now that you have decided on the company, it is time to review what they offer in detail. Ask away all the doubts concerning the services you will receive and the corresponding timeline.
  • Define goals and requirements: After studying the company, you need to put forward your requirements from the company clearly and precisely so that there is minimal room for errors.
  • Be a part of building a team: It is best to choose people working on your project. You can consult a few experts before going ahead with the team members you deem fit to work.
  • Know common concerns: Since it is a foreign country, there are a few things that you will need to understand and comprehend. Some minute things include time zones, work culture, hierarchy, etc.
How is Carvewing the best option for your offshore development center (ODC) needs?

Trusting a business entity from a foreign land can be tricky. It becomes even riskier once you invest money in your software development needs. Therefore, it is wise to go with the best-ranked company. When it comes to the best offshore development center in India, one of the top and best-rated service providers is Carvewing. At Carvewing, we understand the complexities of software development and deliver the results that you are looking for.

With a multitude of business models to work with, there are numerous benefits that you can get with Carvewing. We are a one-stop destination for your complete software development cycle. We give you the freedom to choose the talent you want to hire based on your needs.

For more information on setting up an offshore software development center in India, reach out to our experts today.

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