Shop Floor Automation

Driving manufacturing success

With shop floor automation, you can leverage data-driven insights and visibility across physical assets, processes and systems to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

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Shop Floor Automation: Embrace data-driven manufacturing to unlock productivity

With shop floor automation, manufacturers can revolutionize their production processes by leveraging advanced technologies and real-time data insights.

Shop floor automation

Production rate inconsistency

Shop floor automation

Keeping track of inventory

Shop floor automation

Anticipating future demand today

Shop floor automation

Unplanned machine downtime

Shop floor automation

High wastage levels

Shop floor automation

Knowledge gaps with data silos

Shop floor automation

Delayed or missed deliveries

Shop floor automation

Quality & compliance related issues

Overcome the biggest manufacturing challenges with Shop Floor Automation

Unlock manufacturing excellence with shop floor automation, and overcome challenges, boost productivity, and drive efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

Shop floor automation

Shop Floor Automation

Automate, monitor, and control shop floor operations for optimum resource utilization.

Shop floor automation

Manufacturing Order Management

Know the status of manufacturing availability, performance, quality, and schedule operations.

Shop floor automation

Alerts and Notifications

Get real-time alerts on standard deviation,  downtime, production, and scrap conditions.

Shop floor automation

Fast and Easy Integration

Use a single view and user interface for ERP/MRP, production, and KPI tracking.

Shop floor automation

Real-time Monitoring ASH

Enable more real-time monitoring of operations for driving production and business decisions.

Shop floor automation

Data Automation

Eliminate error-prone manual data entry and identify communication shortcomings.

Shop floor automation

Performance Optimization

 Streamline task allocation and optimize equipment and human performance.

Shop floor automation

Maintenance Operations

Avoid intricate and dangerous maintenance requirements and improve safety.

Shop floor automation

Manufacturing Throughput

Improve the rate of operating efficiency of bottleneck resources and maximize throughput.

Production planning, control, and management

Streamline your production planning, control, and management with shop floor automation, and harness the power of technology to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and drive success.

  • Connect standard operating procedures, training, change control, quality events, traceability, etc.

  • Route calibration tasks to personnel, enable advanced reporting capabilities and store the complete record for audits and inspections.

  • Streamline product development, reduce product documentation, and improve production data integrity, tracking, and analysis.

  • Enable an efficient exchange of information between your operators and managers on the production line.

  • Get insights into staff performance levels and support additional training for underachievers to do better.

  • Uncover ineffective manufacturing processes and identify the areas where productivity needs improvement.

  • Track every step of the production cycle and get real-time information to make insightful decisions.

  • Eliminate shop floor documentation burden, enhance visibility, and ensure data integrity.

Data for Manufacturing Decisions

Mobile App for Operators | Dashboard for Site Managers | Real-Time Shop Floor Automation | Predictive Analytics | Critical Equipment Monitoring | Real-Time Data for Faster Decisions

Automated Data Collection (ADC)

Reduce manual data collection and retrieval errors. Streamline data collection process through barcoding and machine interfaces.

Boost throughput in bottleneck processes: manufacturing, receiving, shipping, material issue, inventory movements, cycle counting, physical inventory, labor, and production reporting.

Shop floor automation
Shop floor automation
Product Traceability

Gain visibility into inventory movements from end-to-end and track finished products to where they were shipped or back through their operational steps.

Store and retrieve historical product manufacturing information, limit the impact of the product recall costs, or defend against a future product liability lawsuit.

Materials Control

Improve materials reporting accuracy, track scrapped materials efficiently, and optimize inventory management for enhanced manufacturing planning and purchasing.

Identify manufacturing operations where raw materials are being scrapped and automate WIP calculation.

Shop floor automation
Shop floor automation
Quality Control

Reduce manual data collection and retrieval errors. Streamline data collection process through barcoding and machine interfaces.

Enhance throughput in processes that are bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, receiving, shipping, material issue, inventory movements, cycle counting, physical inventory, labor, and production reporting.

Automated Production Reporting

Utilize advanced analytics, interactivity, drag-and-drop interface, predictive analytics, and more. Easily create and share scheduled reports without manual updates.

Eliminate significant labor hours related to manually opening work orders, issuing materials, etc.

Shop floor automation
Shop floor automation
Office Automation

Manage your organizational workloads efficiently by simplifying and automating processes like accounting, data management, facility management, training, and various other administrative tasks.

Benefit from higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs.

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